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LoL Amumu Mousepad Collection 2, Almost Prom King Amumu mousepad, Pharaoh Amumu, Sad Robot Amumu Deskmat

LoL Amumu Mousepad Collection 2, Almost Prom King Amumu mousepad, Pharaoh Amumu, Sad Robot Amumu Deskmat

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League of Legends Amumu Large Gaming Mouse Pads

   Are you looking for the perfect gift for the League of Legends fan in your life? Look no further! Our custom mousepads are the perfect combination of function and style.

   Our mousepads are made with high-quality materials to ensure smooth and precise movement for all your in-game actions. The rubber base keeps the pad securely in place, so your loved one can focus on taking down enemy towers and champions. The durable fabric surface provides optimal tracking for their mouse, giving them the edge they need to come out on top.

   But that's not all - our mousepads also feature stunning artwork inspired by the world of League of Legends. Choose from a variety of designs featuring their favorite champions, or go for a more subtle look with our logo design. Whichever you choose, they'll be sure to make a statement at their next gaming session.

   Surprise your loved one with the ultimate gaming accessory. Order now and give them the gift of victory on the Rift.

   In this store, which we have specially established for Riot Games fans and League of Legends players, you can have any poster, mouse pad, plush, hoodie, costume, cosplay, key chains and jewels among hundreds of products.


💎【Durable Manufacturing Design】:
The durable stitched edges and the high-density premium texture which was processed in a 230°F high temperature and high-pressure chamber to ensure long-term use without deformation and degumming.

💎【Ultra-smooth Cover】:
mouse pad adopts high-qualitycloth on cover for smooth gliding. It was optimized on fast movement while maintaining excellent accuracy and control. It is compatible with mechanical and optical mice.

💎【Non-slip Rubber Base】:
The soft and dense non-skid nature rubber base keeps the pad firmly in place. It provides stable operation of the mouse. Just immerse into your work or games without worrying about the annoying mouse pad movement.


1.when you receive your parcel,open it just a little smell,but it's non-toxic. take it on ventilated place a few days,it will be better
2.:the mouse pad was made of Rubber , it is Flexible , so the size will be affected by the Outside temperature and environment , the deviation of 1-1.5 cm is normal



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