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Metoo Edition Mechanical Keyboard Blue Switch

Metoo Edition Mechanical Keyboard Blue Switch

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We have upgraded and strengthened the packaging to ensure that the packaging is protected from damage during transportation. Please do not worry about the packaging.

Russian friends please note: When purchasing, please leave the correct contact number/mobile number so that when the parcel arrives, the post office/delivery y can contact you in time to pick up the parcel.

Brand Name: ME TOO Series Name: ZERO

Mix light version: metal panel, Full key anti-ghosting and 6 keys anti-ghosting two modes Can choose

No light version: ABS plastic panel, specified 29 key anti-ghosting,"Ctrl+Shift doesn't work with this keys: N, M, greater sign, less sign, ?, ", :, H, {, }, |, P, O, I, U, Y, End, PgUp, PgDown, Delete"

Mix lights version: only lighting mode can be changed (not RGB), no lighting version: no backlight

the number of keys: 87/104

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Eliane Kilback

Buttons all live and glow. Let's see how it will be in operation

Nadia Kassulke

Good inexpensive mechanical keyboard.

Shad Stroman

Clava-bomb!!! Took on red sweets-fire! Delivery to Tyumen 8 days. After the membrane, it's something. Response and sensitivity. The Russian alphabet is just paint, but it's not critical.

Karine Lueilwitz

Price worth! Am happy and buy again, is comfortable and beautiful, unfortunately not has Keys Brazilian as "ç" but to the turn, come with a small defect on leta "Z" engraving logo, otherwise is all 100% better than expected. Thank you seller.

Vance Emmerich

Good quality keyboard. Cons: The Russian font is pasted and not highlighted, the space is still much sanded. But I must pay tribute, in white it looks just Bombay! Sweat branch can be customized by different overflows. I took two claves for comparison, the second zuoya. Zuoya I liked more, as there the Russian font is illuminated, there is RGB illumination and better keys quality.